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Presenters on Galaxy Gold:
This is a list of all our presenters some of whom
may not currently be on air.

Allan Quinn TopAd800 Saturday Night Gold. Allan Quinn plays three decades of the best songs of all time, the 50's 60's and 70's. Be it a trip down memory lane, or a crash course in the music of the past, Saturday Night Gold is a great companion for your Saturday and for those in the U.S.A. on Sunday morning, but it is STILL Saturday in loads of places! Allan presents his show from Australia.
Alec Nicol TopAd800 Vinyl Days. It's time to dust off those old 45's and remember the days when vinyl was king. That's what Alec Nicol does each and every week as he brings you Vinyl Days! Vinyl Days is a Radio show with music from the 1960`s through to the 1990`s. 52 Weeks a year he plays you the best classic hits anywhere.

Music that makes you feel good, and which makes you think back to some great days in your life.
Alister Wheeldon Lift Off. Alister Wheeldon is known as Big Al because he is 6ft 3inches tall which means in the halls of Galaxy Gold Radio he is referred to as tiny! Alister started broadcasting on hospital radio but was quickly picked up by several local radio stations and eventually presented The East Midlands Biggest Request Show known as TEMBRS on a daily basis. In recent years he has moved onto hosting shows in Foreign parts including Drive time in Spain and a 60s and 70s show, as well as the Love Groove late at night.

Alister has also covered the last three General Elections as anchor on local radio... an 8 hour live show with virtually no music, only chat. Not easy to do when you need the loo! Alister's favourite tunes and artists include: The Beatles, Simply Red, Roxy Music, The Rolling Stones, Neil Sedaka and the ELO. If he held a dinner party he would like to invite The Queen, Churchill; John Lennon and William Shakespeare so basically the Queen would do all the talking!

Clive Brady TopAd800 Classic Jazz Funk
and Soul Show.
Clive started his career as a live events DJ in the very hot summer of 1976 before becoming a London club DJ in 1980. It was 1985 when Clive began broadcasting his jazz funk and soul show on London's LWR Radio 92.5 FM before moving to London's Joy Radio 97.8 FM in 1989.

Over the next 2 decades Clive presented shows on many community and commercial FM stations in both London and the eastern counties of the UK. He has also appeared at "soul all dayer" events and has also spent entire summer seasons as the resident DJ in clubs on the island of Cyprus out in the Med.

Today his classic jazz funk and soul show comes to Galaxy Gold Radio with his mix of rare groove tunes from the 70s and 80s.
Chris Tucker TopAd800 Goldmine. Chris Tucker is his name, but everyone calls him Tuc and Tuc started in Hospital Radio over 40 years ago. Following a career in entertainment, he has settled down in the East Coast of England. With him on the coast is Rose and Tuc has 2 grown up children and 3 amazing grandchildren.

He returned to his radio roots some 4 years ago and enjoys producing and presenting various genre of music, mixed with jovial banter.
Dave Englefield TopAd800 The Vinyl Countdown. Dave Englefield is one of four presenters who has been with Galaxy Gold since the beginning and you can join him for music and a chart run down from this week back in the 60s, the 70s the 80s and the 90s.

Dave has been in radio for more than 30 years. Starting off at hospital radio, Dave went on to be a founder member of BCRfm in Somerset as Programme Controller and, after merging with another station in Somerset, as Station Manager of Quaywest FM. Dave was also the voice of the breakfast show from the launch in 2001-2002 and then again from 2003-2010, when he switched to the afternoon drive show on the station that was then known as Total Star. You can now hear Dave presenting the breakfast show again on Sedgemore FM.

Dave comes from the west part of England. Dave E says 'In addition to my radio bits and pieces, I'm also a qualified balloon decor artist, and once played Superman on stage – I got the part because I was the smallest person there!!'
Derek Hawgood TopAd800 Hawgood Country and
co-owner of Galaxy Gold Radio.
Derek is based in Longfield in Kent, England, is co-owners of the station and presents a weekly country music show as well as being in charge of the Beesknees disco. Derek keeps Koi Carp and likes going out for Sunday Lunch with the wife for a decent roast and a good pint of bitter! His music tastes cover just about every genre of music not just country and disco.

Galaxy Gold was Derek's idea as he wanted to listen to a radio station where the music was presented by lovers of music, playing songs they want to play - and not what a producer, or worse, a computer decrees.
DJ Misty The Miss T Show. Misty was born in Portsmouth Hants and has lived and worked all over Europe. Misty is currently living in Central Portugal. Misty says "I have always loved music but came to radio quite late in life. I first started with Costa Calida International Radio in Spain and have since worked for several other stations, always 'live' - hiccups and all - but that is what makes it fun!"

Misty's all-time favourite group is the Bee Gees, but has a really mixed bag at her fingertips. She says she "loves throwing in the odd girlie show playing tracks the boys hate to air! Enjoy Great Music on the MISTY show each week on Galaxy Gold.
Elaine Tyson TopAd800 Covers.

Presents Covers each week featuring songs that were, for many, hits by other artists.

Elaine is one of four presenters who has been with Galaxy Gold since the beginning and Elaine’s entire career revolves around the magazine publishing industry.  Among other companies, she worked for Billboard in the late 1970’s.  She lives in Connecticut, USA and says,  “I love my Kindle, love my cat Mac and miss the pub in Yorkshire that gave me Black Sheep Ale coasters.  I’m all out and I need some more.” Covers is one of two programs that is syndicated to other stations as far away as Australia.

Francis Donnelly TopAd800 Classroom Classics. Francis is from Glasgow but now lives in Rochdale. A music enthusiast from as long as he can remember Francis has a passion for listening to classic chart shows and particularly enjoys Dave Englefield's Vinyl Countdown. His music covers the 60s onwards but admits to having a love for the cheesy hits of the 70s and 80s. He can often be seen wearing his kilt especially on Burn's Night much to the neighbors blushes - it's when the caber gets tossed that they really blush.
Gary Jackson TopAd800 My Generation,
Gary Jackson Show,
Dark Side of the Moon,
Sounds of the 70s.

Starting his career as a DJ when any track from Saturday Night Fever was guaranteed to fill a dance floor, Gary started his radio career on Hospital Radio, followed by Community radio in England. His shows often feature guests, and his interviews have included chats with Mike Rutherford (Genesis), Paul Carrack (Mike and The Mechanics, Squeeze), Stu Cook (Creedence) and Dave Clark (Dave Clark Five) and just about every other 60s band still working!

Gary's live radio work has taken him to California, and his shows now air from Tenerife to Tasmania! Very much a fan of personality radio, Gary always tries to give his shows a live feel and keep listeners interested with features like the “A side B side”, “follow that” and the “back to front” song.

Geoff Dorsett TopAd800 Solid Gold 60s,
Supersonic 70s,
Kick up the 80s.
Geoff presents three shows on Galaxy Gold, one for the 1960s, one the 1970s and just for good measure one for the 1980s.

Geoff started his career at the age of 13 and within five years was one of the Mecca Group's top three DJs, being used as an opening act for their new venue's nationwide. Come the late '60s, Geoff was on the radio with the BBC Radio One and in 1975 became one of Radio Hallam's first voices when the station launched with a huge listenership. Geoff has also worked on Q102 in Florida, USA and KZUN in Dallas. In the '80s, you'd have heard him on the legendary pirate radio station, Sunshine Radio and a couple of years ago, Geoff could be heard on 102.5 Skyline FM - a community radio station in Hampshire.
Iain Swanston TopAd800 Ultimate Gold. Iain played his first tune on the radio way back in 1977.

Since then he always been in or around radio. He presents Ultimate Gold every week and says 'I'll be playing you only the very best hits from the 50's right through to the 80's together with all your favourite features, the Top 10, In the spotlight, It should have sold a million and much more.'

As the saying goes, it's gonna be a winner!
Jonny Glaze TopAd800 Then and Now. Presenting a monthly collection, Mr. Glaze lives in Manchester. His music tastes are manifold, in fact as he says "as long as it's a decent tune, who cares." Each month Mr. Glaze, no relation to Crackerjack former host Peter, will be presenting a program of music that mainly says, if you liked that, you're going to love this!
Jeremy Rees TopAd800 Retro Records.

Jeremy hosts Retro Records a weekly show featuring hits and rarities from the 1950s & 60s. Expect the unexpected - and an emphasis on Soul, Rhythm & Blues and vocal Jazz that is rarely heard on mainstream radio these days.

He's been a familiar voice stations on FM radio in South Wales for over a decade, hosting Blues and Classic Soul shows, although he actually started out on Hospital Radio while still  a teenager in the late 1970s. An avid music collector, he has a passion for discovering music from past decades that was either not released in the UK or didn't get much airplay at the time.

Jim Stevens TopAd800 Happy Hour. Well, Jim loves Doris Day, but he said we cannot mention that... so ignore what we just said.

Jim caught the radio ‘bug’ when he listened to the pirate radio stations in the sixties and he used to practice ‘mixing’ music in his bedroom. He started broadcasting on a hospital radio station in Surrey and one of my shows won the NAHBO national competition for best hospital radio programme along with my co-presenter Steve Jarrett.

In 1976, he became a Butlin's redcoat presenting music and chat from their Radio Butlin studio at Clacton in Essex.
Skipping forward to the 1990's, he did the weekday morning show on Eclipse FM.

His most embarrassing moment in radio was when he interviewed the comedian Richard Digance and got a nose-bleed halfway through!
Martyn Brown Vinyl Impressions.

Martyn Brown used to work for a company that hired Jukeboxes out to pubs, clubs and cafes around the UK. So, record collecting was an obvious hobby and one which he has kept up for over 45 years and counting.

Collecting rare vinyl 45s (and 33s, come to that) became a passion where visiting record fairs up and down the country became the norm for DJ Martyn. You’ll hear many of the collector’s items in some of Martyn’s Vinyl Impressions shows. Martyn presents from his own studio (a converted office) in Dorset, United Kingdom each week and enjoys every minute of it, from researching, producing and presenting each programme.

He has also worked on local radio in Bournemouth, Dorset, presented shows with national radio DJs and performed at some of the biggest clubs around. Rather than retire from music, DJ Martyn prefers to work with Internet Radio to play his record collection to those who really do appreciate good quality music and who realize that there’s possibly more to music than just the ‘Top 40 charts’

Peter Marsham: TopAd800 The Northern Soul Show.
Grrove Line

Peter Marsham says that he was literally born to the sound of Music. As Barry White was singing his heart out on 'You're the First, the Last, My Everything," young Peter was wailing along at the top of his voice. We can't say for sure that Peter's wailing was sweet soul music, but it did lay the foundation for a lifelong passion for listening and playing Music. As well as being a radio presenter Peter also DJs parties. Peter has two children, Isla and Isaac. In addition to spinning tunes, Peter is also actively involved within his community and travels to various musical events. When he's not providing great music for people, Peter enjoys spending time with his family, and friends at home.

Roy Beagley TopAd800 Romance Hour and
co-owner of Galaxy Gold Radio.
Roy lives in Connecticut in the USA and presents the Romance Hour, the show Galaxy Gold syndicates to other radio stations and also Galaxy Gold Remembers. Roy says 'I have a cat called Sir Paul McCartney, love the Mapp and Lucia books by E.F. Benson and miss a good pint of British ale more than I can say!

Every time I listen to Galaxy Gold, I learn something new and love the fact that I'm hearing what the presenter has chosen for me rather than a computer.

The Romance Hour is a laid back show where, in all honesty the less of me, the better the show is.