Geoff Dorsett:
Solid Golds 60s,
Supersonic 70s,
Kick up the 80s.


Presents Solid Gold 60s and Supersonic 70s each week and chats to the music stars that made it all happen and he Kicks up the 80s for good measure as well!

Geoff started his career at the age of 13 and within five years was one of the Mecca Group's top three DJs, being used as an opening act for their new venue's nationwide.

Come the late '60s, Geoff was on the radio with the BBC Radio One and in 1975 became one of Radio Hallam's first voices when the station launched with a huge listenership. Geoff has also worked on Q102 in Florida, USA and KZUN in Dallas. In the '80s, you'd have heard him on the legendary pirate radio station, Sunshine Radio and a couple of years ago, Geoff could be heard on 102.5 Skyline FM - a community radio station in Hampshire.


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