Alister Wheeldon,
Lift Off!

Alister Wheeldon is known as Big Al because he is 6ft 3inches tall which means in the halls of Galaxy Gold Radio he is referred to as tiny!

Alister started broadcasting on hospital radio but was quickly picked up by several local radio stations and eventually presented The East Midlands Biggest Request Show known as TEMBRS on a daily basis. In recent years he has moved onto hosting shows in Foreign parts including Drive time in Spain and a 60s and 70s show, as well as the Love Groove late at night.

Alister has also covered the last three General Elections as anchor on local radio... an 8 hour live show with virtually no music, only chat. Not easy to do when you need the loo!

Alister's favourite tunes and artists include: The Beatles, Simply Red, Roxy Music, The Rolling Stones, Neil Sedaka and the ELO.

If he held a dinner party he would like ti invite The Queen, Churchill; John Lennon and William Shakespeare so basically the Queen would do all the talking!

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